Social Work Assessor and Training Providers for 16+ Accommodation & Outreach, Children’s Homes and Respite Care Providers

Are you a social care provider for children and young people?

Are you looking to increase your knowledge base of social work processes, raise your experience in the social care sector, go for tenders, or match children and young people in your setting and looking for how to do this?

We are qualified social workers in the field of children and young people. We have been working with providers for a number of years to help them set up their companies and to run them by offering road maps to success. These include undertaking assessments of care which can be used to support referrals from the local authority, completing policies and procedures for people looking to set up child care provisions and offering a consultation service of real and valued work which are report based for inclusion in bids or to referrers.

16+ Accommodation

Don’t be stuck with lack of social work experience, make your private social care company great with the support of our public social work sector skills.

We have a complete package for you, if it’s holding your hand and guiding you through the complex highly regulated process of registration with OFSTED, or undertaking individual needs and risk assessments for young people with complex needs such as Child Criminal Exploitation, we can offer you a cost effective and highly professional route to build your company’s offer to the local authority or OFSTED.