About Us

The world of social care and teaching is not what it was a decade ago when to become a freelance professional meant word of mouth jobs or personal recommendation for contracts.

As an individual you now need to market your training programmes, coaching, professionalism and physical products such as books online to get recognised and work.

The skills of online marketing is generally not one that social care and education professionals find easily available if you want to remain independent and retain control whilst building your business.

Since 2005 we been marketing our own social care training and products whilst building our skills with online marketing and publishing. The skills we have built up have helped us to maintain our online presents and support publication of our books and physical products. We have helped many individuals in the field of social care and eduction to launch products, coaching, training, books and more, and now we are in a position to offer this to more professionals.

Don’t get left behind online as a social care or education professional.