Marketing E-learning and Membership Sites

e-learningWe had this idea that online training would work but after seeing some feedback about it we were not really impressed. However, following a chat with a recruitment agency we held a masterminding session and came up with an innovative way to set up e-learning through a simple membership website.

We decided to turn our collective training packages into easily accessible web based learning for social workers and set up the website which has helped 1000’s of locum social workers to obtain CPD and HCPC re-registration evidence.

Based on a simple principle of a membership site we add workers and offer over 3 years’ worth of social care information in content form.

Why do membership sites work so well?

Nothing beats live training, the networking, the chance to totally focus on the subject matter and the speaker, the break away from the office, the benefits go on and on. The downside is some workers can not attend live training for lots of reasons and now the growth in blended and e-learning has been taken up by even universities.

E-learning is a big growth industry which has been increasing in size and offers since 2005 with the e-learning market trend forecast for 2016 indication that “One way to stay on top of a rapidly changing market is to implement a business strategy that maximizes the synergies between lifelong learning and workforce productivity.” Their report states that E-learning makes training programs more effective and should form part of reaching organizational goals.

The forecasting report indicates that more this year more e-learning users will be using cloud based platforms to support their learning. is an example of cloud based e-learning that supports users with their continuing professional development as they work and the membership aspect is the platform that supports the implementation for the company.

Marketing our membership site

We soon found that having a membership site also supported the marketing of our brand development and by writing blogs, articles, videos and free downloads we obtained a steady supply of visitors and built our brand awareness and customer base. This has led us to be experts in the field of CPD e-learning for locum social workers on a global level and supported the financing of the website.

In 2015 we build website version 2 to offer greater individual personalization to e-learning users on the membership site so that they can access information in a more organised way and at their own pace, and to create their own certificates of learning and build their portfolios. Visit and take a look at what we have done.