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Tradewind Locum Social Workers Feedback 2008 | How To Hit The Ground Running & Stress Management

I am the Managing Director of DLK Social Care which is an employment business specializing in the provision of qualified social care staff to councils across the UK. We have recently formed a partnership agreement with Elevate to deliver continued professional development training to our candidates. We have found this training to be comprehensive and easily accessible for our candidates, and would highly recommend this training company - Pauline Chambers

What the HPC are saying about our training

"Hi Gradle .. from looking at it certainly looks varied and interesting. HPC's approach to CPD really asks that professionals take responsibility for their own learning, learn in a variety of ways and try to ensure that it benefits their practise and service users. It's important that professionals log and evidence their learning which appears your support offers."

Mark Potter Stakeholder

Communications Manager Health Professions Council


What workers & Recruitment Companies are saying about the training:

"Very Interesting, I had already completed a course in supervision and mentorship, this (supervision e-course for professional self development) helped me to get my focus back. I use the ideas given to work with families I know, the mental health research was very helpful in recognising and offering supportive help. I would like more training to do with court work within child care." Locum social worker DLK Social Care

Reflective Self E-course:

"It is a top quality course. Keep going, we need this type of course to improve the service. Overall very interesting and useful exercises consolidated the learning. Thank you for the generous and professional sharing of your knowledge and experience. Thank you for making this course so interesting and an enjoyable environment to learn. It gave me an opportunity to express my reflection about my career and professional development needs, and what else has to be learnt. I had a chance to think why I wanted to become a social worker and why I love this job. From now on I am ready to do the Professional Self Reflection more often and I am more aware of the positive and negative aspects of my work." -

Safeguarding & Corporate Parenting:

"Once again, it is very important to always understand and bare in mind the role of the social worker as a corporate parent. This has not only refreshed my knowledge but also added a fresh perspective to me." - 

"Educative, informative and interesting, I incorporated it through educating workmates through a seminar.....I would like to receive training on rehabilitation of ex-convicts" - Locum Social Worker

"I have had a look at Elevate and have accessed one of their training packages - Significant Harm + coverage of current issues effecting social work. Must say I am impressed. The training on Significant Harm is clear/concise/and analytical. The same goes with coverage of current issues - Winterbourne View - factual/objective coverage.... In my view on the basis of information provided it is superior to CPD........It will provide social workers with an easy pathway for ongoing career development + enable them to meet the HCPC training requirement....It will provide social workers from abroad an in-depth induction to S/W in the UK....It provides quality coverage of current issues effecting social work....I have already learnt from my access and would find it useful in my role as Safeguarding Officer." - Safeguarding Officer Reed Social Care

"Dear Gradle I am currently in Dudley, West Midlands, UK. ...I find the training informative, for example the webinars really enlighten me on how to approach a case be it with adults or children and families. The awareness on how to work with a service user is rewarding although some cases are challenging, it enables me to handle it with confidence. The handouts are good too." - N.R Ndlovu 10th May 2013

"Hi Gradle Thanks for that. I can confirm that thus far I have found the training very useful and interesting. What is also so good is that I can email and access advice from you most days and it is reassuring to know that as an independent social worker I can access many of my training needs as well as clear information as to what is expected for my continual registration. I would like to complete a log for the other stuff I've accessed such as the court skills and stress awareness short courses which I will do when I can. Kind regards" - S D'Alessandri Locum Social Worker 30th September 2013

"I have been undertaking the ASYE programme as a newly qualified locum social worker with Elevate Training and Development and have found the training on the website to be really good, informative and useful information for my portfolio and professional development." - F. Musau NQSW Locum December 2013

"The content of the sessions can be powerful and transformative.... I thought the sessions refined a hugely complex mass of information down to accessible and memorable size, whilst at the same time I feel I want to go on and explore the subject matter even more.... Most training is geared towards how we can improve the lives of others; too little is given to nurturing the practitioner. We do, of course, have a responsibility towards our selves for our learning. Only an effective practitioner can influence positively. The knowledge contained in the sessions is valid; it isn't just one person's opinion; it is reasoned and researched and needs to be held in respect. It feels like a gift." Professional Social Work Self Assertiveness Sessions - J. Pearce Locum Social Worker Liquid Personnel January 2014

"One day at work I was informed that it was imperative that I completed the ASYE otherwise in the future I may not be able to practice. Unfortunately I found that because I was an Agency Worker, the Local Authority that I was working for would not provide me with the training. Thankfully I found Elevate Training who were able to start me on the ASYE programme almost immediately without interfering with my working day. I found the programme was tailor made for Agency Workers as the supervision sessions were held in the evening at a time that was convenient to myself. In addition, there were regular monthly Webinars that were also held in the evening with professional guest speakers who covered a variety of topics such as mental health and domestic violence. I found the webinars informative and they added to the requirements of my portfolio. It was also nice to speak to other Social Workers from all over the United Kingdom. All of my work was submitted online therefore I could complete this in my own time so I did not have to worry about taking unpaid time off work to complete the course. I have now completed the ASYE and would recommend Elevate Training to all Social Worker's, especially agency Social Workers who need to complete their ASYE." - Sam 21st October 2014

"I just watched the HCPC re-registration webinar. It was really helpful and made the whole process not so scary. I will be spending the next weekend going over my diary’s so I’m up-to-date in case I get audited. I’ve have been an independent social worker for the past 10 years and I have relied on attending one type of training….. while I’ve always been very happy with the skills I learnt there and how they fitted into supporting my practice, I wanted to acknowledge the other types of learning I have had….. I was very nervous about the upcoming re-registration…..I was unsure if the learning I have done would be good enough or not enough! I’m now more confident that I can prove my CPD if I am audited. Thank you Gradle!" - Emma October 2014

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