Our Vision & Commitment

Providing training and educational advancement to Social Workers and Care Workers is not always in the budget for individuals and organisations. But lack of training can often mean people feeling disadvantaged, unsupported and therefore affect retention levels, recruitment and in turn leaving you unable to fulfil hard won tenders, or get the job you desire– familiar problem?


We are a leading Social Care agency providing cost effective and high standards of up to date learning activities to social workers, care workers, organisations and disadvantaged community groups.


We educate and train workers in the adult and child care workforce who can take part in learning activities as members of our social work and social care training.


We deliver our range of social care, therapeutic and community based provision for children and adults who would be further marginalised without access to our services, specifically young care leavers and people from diverse backgrounds.


Our Current Programmes

  • Training for people looking to update their skills as care workers with Looked After Children and Young People Leaving Care
  • Induction training for care workers
  • ALS Program – Attachment, Loss & Separation training for young people leaving care, care workers, foster carers and social workers
  • Mentoring and Coaching support to people looking to enter the work place who may have experienced difficulties doing so.
  • Life story work for young adults leaving care and training workers to use life story work as a tool to support young adults with independent living


This is what some of the organisations who use our learning activities for their Social Workers and Care Workers have to say about what we provide

Debbie SmithDebbie SmithCEO Caritas Recruitment

As a recruitment business wanting to put forward the best quality candidates to organisations, we were keen to offer our social workers the opportunities to undertake good professional development. As part of our training offering to candidates, we decided to take out group membership with Elevate Training and Development and have done so every year since 2012. Our workers have access to a wide range of up to date learning tools & activities and this has contributed to building their CPD portfolios, career progression and meeting the HCPC’s registration requirements. The training is topical, of a high standard and some of our workers have contributed to the learning of their peers through the interactive nature of the learning portal. One of the reasons why we chose this Elevate is that it is run by social work practitioners and trainers who are dedicated to the development of the social work profession.

Ian BrindleyIan BrindleyManaging Director, Entrust Social Care

Using Elevate has made our training packages an essential tool in attracting candidates. The ease of use for our workers coupled with the good value mean I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Jeannine BirchJeannine BirchMD, Firefly Locums

Quite simply Firefly were looking for a way to give back to our Locums. Training is something of immense importance but sadly when times are tough budgets are cut and often Locum Practitioners miss out . Social Work Processes was exactly what we were looking for, an up to the minute online resource accessible at anytime. Conveniently timed webinars to participate in or watch later. Gradle Gardner Martin promised us that the site would offer a valuable service and it has, feed back from our locums is that it is invaluable and runs hand in hand with our own CPD/Social Events.
Thank you Gradle.

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